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Genetic Modification Workflow

C.elegans Models in Mechanism Research of Aging

Toxicological analysis
Lifespan analysis
Detection of free radical level
Evaluation of muscular degeneration
Pathway analysis  (FOXO signaling, insulin-like signaling , hsf-1 signaling, germline signaling, dietary restrictions signaling,TOR signaling pathway…)


High-throughput Screening Cases

I. Free Radical Scavengers (Project period: 1 months)

Reactive oxygen species ( ROS) production in metabolic process  is known as the major cause for aging in view of “the free radical theory of aging”. High throughput screening of free radical scavengers in C.elegans is based on the detection of relative endogeneous  ROS level  using DCFDA (Dichlorofluorescin diacetate) probe .

II. Muscular Degeneration (Project period: 1 months)

With the growth of C.elegans, a degenerative condition in muscle is the similar phenotype to muscular degeneration in aged human.  C.elegans muscular degeneration model has been widely used to evaluate the pharmacological  or genetic effect on muscle function.

III. Anti-aging drugs and antioxidants (Project period: 1.5 months) 

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or Paraquat induced oxidative damage model
Cr 6+ or Cd 2+ induced heavy metal damage model 

 IV. Anti-aging drugs and antioxidants (Project period: 1 months)

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a complex human neurodegenerative disease.  C.elegans is a well-known model in the discovery of new AD therapies due to its fully functional and certain amount of neurons and neurogliocytes. C.elegans offer a convenient in vivo system for examination of Aβ accumulation and toxicity in a complex multicellular organism.  
We use the human amyloid β-expressing transgenic C.elegans (CL4176), which exhibits paralysis when human Aβ1-42 is induced, to discovery of new potential alzheimer's drugs.

 V. Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity Studies (Project period: 1 months)