Shanghai Model Organisms Center,Inc

Shanghai Model Organisms Center,Inc. (SMOC), a worldwide animal models provider and beyond

Founded in 2000, SMOC specializes in customized mouse model and mice phenotype analysis services. 

Shanghai Biomodel Organisms Center owns national and international accreditations to house and to ship our animals worldwide, including AAALAC international. All the mice in Shanghai Biomodel Organisms Center facility are maintained under SPF (Specific-pathogen free) system or IVC (Individually ventilated cage) system.

To date, we have generated over 3000 genetically modified (GEM) and non-GEM mouse models for academic and industrial customers all over the world including Harvard University, University of Michigan, National University of Singapore, Roche, Novartis, GSK and AstraZeneca. In addition, we also have more than 300 established mouse models in our repository that you can choose from. Each year, over 600 new animal models are generated by our specialists! The highest service quality is ensured by the combination of our 18 years' experience, recognized expertise and state-of-the-art facility at the Shanghai Biomodel Organism Center. 

Now we can provide all kind of mouse models based on our customers’ requirement including: 
    Conventional Knockout Mice
    Conditional Knockout Mice
    KO first Mice
    Transgenic Mice
    Knock In and Humanized mice
    Non-GEM mouse models

We provide GEM Zebrafish and C.elegans models for our customers as well.

Our analytical laboratory can provide phenotyping, blood test, histology, toxicology, animal live imaging and behavioral test for our customers. We have more 20 instruments including micro-CT system, small animal imaging system, flow cytometry, HPLC, liquid chip hybridization system and so on. 

Furthermore, we can also provide:
    Mouse embryo cryopreservation 
    Mouse embryo recovery and breeding 
    Mouse in vitro fertilization 
    Mouse blastocyst microinjection
    Tetraploid blastocyst microinjection